Recommended Links

Many of the sites listed below offer a multitude
of links themselves to other Leonardo sites


• National Museum of Leonardo da Vinci, Milan

• Renaissance — What Inspired this Age of Balance and Order   • The Vitruvian Man
• Leonardo da Vinci — Biography in the Catholic Encylopedia
• Chronology I
Chronology II

• Leonardo's Notebooks — The British Library
• Th e Codices

• Giorgio Vasari on Leonardo — Site A
• Giorgio Vasari on Leonardo — Site B

• Leonardo da Vinci on Wikipedia
• Leonardo's Notebooks — D. Reuteler
Web Gallery of Art, D. Kren and E. Marx
Early Paintings 1480s 1490s Late Paintings
• Leonardo's Biography with photos of the Tuscan Countryside — M. Kausal     • Cerca, Trova, A Lost Leonardo Found Behind Palazzo Vecchio Walls - Battle of Agnhiari
• Hidden Drawing Behind the Virgin of the Rocks
• Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science
Codex Leicester—Exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History
• A Lost Leonardo? Mary Magdalen
Theft of Leonardo's Madonna with Yarnwinder
• The Identity of Mona Lisa - Lisa Gherardini
• Leonardo's Drawings — Special Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

• Leonardo's Anatomical Drawings - North Wing
• Anatomical Drawings of Leonardo


• Leonardo's Reference to a Reflecting Telescope  
• Mona Lisa — Adobe-Retouched

• Variations on the Mona Lisa—Monalisamania
• Mona Lisa—Leonardo Self-Portrait? L. Schwartz
• The Marquardt Mask (A dowloadable mask created by Dr. Stephen Marquardt incorportating the golden ratio)
• Leonardo's Bridge Project
• Leonardo da Vinci's Horse
• Leonardo's Polyhedra—G. Hart
• Inventor's Workshop

• Rugged and Elegant Destinations—King and Fredel
• DaVinci Studio—R. Ramos
• Art Gallery-Worlwide      

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